Bill Barr Tears the Seamless Garment

Executing child murderers does not make Bill Barr any less pro-life. Catholics, says Attorney General William Barr, “understand that only by transforming ourselves can we transform the world beyond ourselves.” Saccharine? Perhaps. But this remark from Barr’s now-infamous Notre Dame speech summarizes the faith of a man whose public Catholicism has for decades emphasized both … Read more Bill Barr Tears the Seamless Garment

The wisest way….

“O my God, you and you alone are all wise and all knowing! You know, you have determined everything that will happen to us from first to last. You have ordered things in the wisest way, and you know what will be my lot year by year until I die. You know how long I … Read more The wisest way….

The March for Life Is a March for Truth

Our abortion regime depends on lie after lie: the lie that an unborn child is something other than a living member of the human species; the lie that the Constitution excludes them from the possibility of protection; the lie that abortion is necessary for women to flourish. The March for Life is also a March … Read more The March for Life Is a March for Truth