The Big Lie

They were fuelled, from the beginning, by the Big Lie. It is buttressed in a cloud of lesser lies. It comes as no surprise to me, that almost every leftward cause célèbre turns out to be a hoax. George Orwell gave as good an account of this, as any soi-disant “conservative.” At his best, he … Read more The Big Lie

The triumph of Dullness

A platitude, widely circulated in my youth, held that “ideas have consequences.” It is true, after a fashion. It is especially true of stupid ideas. Already, half a century ago, in the universities I was determined to avoid (except their libraries, and interesting professors), it seemed to me that “Dullness” reigned. This is the goddess … Read more The triumph of Dullness

A Question and a Warning from the Lord.

In the 4th Century, St. Augustine lamented the decline of Rome and Roman culture. Like any good citizen, he loved his country and culture. But things were falling to pieces, decadence was everywhere. He struggled to understand this and accept it. In his sorrow he wrote The City of God which contains his own observations … Read more A Question and a Warning from the Lord.

Four Disciplines of Worthy Disciples

In the Gospel this Sunday [June 28, 2020], the Lord gives four important principles for a disciple. He also teaches on the concept of being worthy of Him. We tend think of being worthy as acting in a way that meets a certain standard, but the Greek word for “worthy” involves more than merely external … Read more Four Disciplines of Worthy Disciples

The White-Guilt Cult

It’s been coming for some time, this transmutation of white guilt into a cult, a religion that borrows from and intersects with Christianity but substitutes its own liturgy. In the Nineties, liberal white Hollywood filmmakers began to nourish a fantasy that black people were imbued with magical powers, and they built stories around angelic or … Read more The White-Guilt Cult

The wisest way….

“O my God, you and you alone are all wise and all knowing! You know, you have determined everything that will happen to us from first to last. You have ordered things in the wisest way, and you know what will be my lot year by year until I die. You know how long I … Read more The wisest way….

The Left’s Normalization Of Collective Guilt Is Ripping America Apart

All decent Americans stand against racism. But if we’re to live as brothers, we must stop indicting all those who share a skin tone for the sins of others. . . . [W]hy are so many people acting as if it were their knee, not Derek Chauvin’s, that pressed down on George Floyd? The answer … Read more The Left’s Normalization Of Collective Guilt Is Ripping America Apart

The Imitation of Christ

You must first have peace in your own soul before you can make peace between other people. Peaceable people accomplish more good than learned people do. Those who are passionate often can turn good into evil and readily believe the worst. But those who are honest and peaceful turn all things to good and are … Read more The Imitation of Christ

How Our Age’s Melancholy Stems From Loving Ourselves Too Much

Today, we face a culture that has fallen under the spell of the “cult of self,” but this malady is not unique to our era. In the early 16th century, Martin Luther proposed a remedy for this psychological ailment. If Luther were Batman, then fellow reformer Philip Melanchthon would be his Robin. However, unlike the … Read more How Our Age’s Melancholy Stems From Loving Ourselves Too Much